5 Analytics Tools beyond Google Analytics

Google Analytics currently has the biggest market share when it comes to web analytics software. Although it has a comprehensive feature set, other web analytics software is available that can give you even better insight into your visitors.

1. ChartBeat

ChartBeat is a real-time monitor for your website. You can exactly see how many visitors there are currently browsing your website. It tells what page has the most visitors, shows you the page-load times and the origin of the visitors.

Pros: real-time, possibility to replay, alerts, iphone app

Cons: no free version, limited statistics

2. ClickTale

ClickTale‘s biggest advantage is their video recordings of mouse movements and clicks of individual visitors. This gives you great insight in how your visitors experience and use your website. Besides the video recordings ClickTale also offers heatmaps for mouse movements, clicks, scroll reach and attention levels.

Pros: video recordings, heatmaps, free version

Cons: expensive

3. Clicky

Clicky is more like Google Analytics and less like ChartBeat. Clicky gives plenty of traditional web analytics where the only advantage over GA is the more frequent updates. GA gives you the statistics the following day, where Clicky gives it to you right away.

Pros: free version, spy option, iphone (web)app

Cons: mostly traditional statistics

4. PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking

MET—short for Mouse Eye Tracking—is a tool that analyzes the mouse movement of your visitors and generates a heatmap for each page of your website. The heatmaps are based on research that shows that there is an 84% correlation between regions of a webpage gazed by your eye and the regions visited by the mouse cursor. Actual eye tracking is impossible without advanced cameras, although but this tool gives you a nice indication.

Pros: free, eye tracking algorithm

Cons: embed code contains text which can’t be removed or altered

5. Facebook Insights

When you have implemented Facebook’s Like Button you can use Facebook Insights for domains. The tool gives you numbers about how many visitors have clicked on any Like Buttons, how many shared your website urls and demographic data about the visitors how like and share. Facebook Insights is IMHO still fairly new and could use some more work. For example when I try to select a different date range, it suddenly gets set to somewhere in 1969.

Pros: free, only way to get Facebook stats, demographic data

Cons: buggy

What are your favorite tools?

My favorite setup at the moment is Google Analytics with Clicky and ClickTale.

There are a lot more web analytics tools available. What is your favorite tool or combination?