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Replacing Spotlight with Alfred app

Do you use Spotlight a lot on your Mac? Well, Alfred app might be an app for you. I started using it a week ago and love it ever since.


Auto start SickBeard at login on Mac OSX

SickBeard is an automated TV Show downloader, which I’m using together with my Plex installation. Out of the box Sickbeard does not …


Single SVN repository or many? (Poll)

A few weeks ago I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague. The question was wether or not we …


Sorting multi-dimensional arrays in PHP

Last june I spotted a post about sorting multi-dimensional arrays in PHP. I immediately thought of a function I regularly …


Install Eclipse Indigo with PDT on Mac OSX

This thing I’m using for some years now for programming PHP, is Eclipse. Eclipse is a wonderful and powerful IDE—when …


The Waiting Game has begon

I’ve listed three amazing games that will be released between now and a few months: DOTA2, Battlefield 3 and the Minecraft Adventure Update.


7 WordPress Mods That Don’t Need Plugins

Having a lot of Wordpress plugins can lead to bugs and performance issues. For some simple features it is better to just write them yourself in your functions.php, or a single custom plugin.


The web is losing it’s anonymity

The New York Times wrote an excellent article about the internet losing it’s anonymity. The article describes almost the same I was thinking lately about the web and my own anonymity.

Escher orientated structure

Minecraft Creations

Me and some friends have our own private Minecraft server. We have been playing for like seven months now. Let …


Infinite Ajax Scroll, a jQuery plugin

Infinite Ajax Scroll is a plugin that turns you existing pagination into an infinite scrolling one, without any hassle.